Friday, August 6, 2010

IFAN Museum

The Institute Fondamentale de L'Afrique Noir (IFAN) hosted a tour for Fulbrighters on Monday, July 19th. What a treat to be able to access the inventory. Many of the ceramic pottery pieces shelved here were found in the Saloum region of West Africa in burial sites. I really think I heard the docent say that these were dated circa 600 A.D. I could be wrong.
More examples of ancient African art that the IFAN holds. It reports that plenty of inventory exists, but that it struggles with the processing, storage, and displaying portions of the art and artifacts.
A museum employee measures and records information about an artifact.
Items not on display are held in labeled drawers. The labels indicate the age and the regions in which they were found.
This sculpture greets visitors in the front lobby of the museum. Back at WARC, our home research center, a museum director, Dr. Abdoulaye Camara introduced us to several of the museums of West Africa through a Power Point lecture.

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