Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ile de Ngor

Our group suits up for the boat ride out to the island of Ngor. When asked about the historical significance of the island, the answer was that it was a fishing village. We enjoy a day of exploration, good food, watching the fishing boats come in and out, and checking out the wares of the vendors. As the day wore on, more and more boats full of people arrived. This was the most crowded beach I have ever been on.
In order to make sure we had the chance to buy from her, this vendor followed us all over the island as we took our tour. The island is very small. The perimeter can be walked in under an hour . The far side of the island is not so "touristy". Very peaceful, as a matter of fact. Some of our group stayed to soak up the sun while others walked to see the sights. This is Akon's island home. Seriously! He wasn't there, of course, but they say he visits often. For those you aren't sure who Akon is, a quick google or youtube search should help.Scenes from the Ile de Ngor

Which ones do you like?
The end of a very warm, very relaxing day.
Video alert!
To hear and see what it is like to be here on a crowded Sunday, see the video embedded in the blog of 8/10/10.

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  1. The jewelry is beautiful! Hopefully you've picked up some for yourself! I could not view the video, but will try again another day.