Sunday, July 11, 2010

Village de Artistes

Wall art at Le Village de Artists greets our group as we visit on July 9th. I know, I am a couple of days behind as I post and journal about my study tour of Senegal. I've found that this blog has turned into thematically, or topically posted ponderings. Which means that you may go back and reread a post and find that there is more information or a link to a video or resource. Our days are full, so time to catch up here is limited. Enjoy the photos of art in this post. We did not spend much time here, but some of us will be going back to this village to interview some of the artists for our curriculum projects . Remember, they speak mostly French and Wolof, so interpreters are needed in most cases.

Wearing an Obama shirt, this artist displays his batik work. Even the building were works of art. Mbye Cham exits this studio.
Laurie interprets the artist's statement about his work and inspiration.
I asked if the painter of this work was inspired by Picasso. He said he had heard of him, but the inspiration for many of his works is African masks.
Suzanne enjoys this opportunity to visit several artists' studios.
More wall art. This wall is located at Le Village de Artistes, but there is art all over the city of Dakar and into the suburbs. Watch for more photos in future blogs.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing some African art on your classroom walls!

  2. Oh yeah Arlis - how beautiful would that be! I know some of the teachers have done African mask activities in the past, maybe it's time to revive that with your new-found knowledge and "expertise" - well, at least you'll know way more than the rest of us when you return!