Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Lighthouse

Les Mamelles Lighthouse was built in 1864. It sits on top of a hill in Dakar. The view of the city from this hill is amazing. Bill and Kristine are getting photos of the lighthouse before heading back to the bus.
There are some very beautiful and colorful blooms on some of the trees and bushes here. They must love the heat and humidity.
Beyond me in this photo is the western-most point of the African continent. The thought that I'm looking back toward America from West Africa is incredible. As a history teacher, the significance of the slave trade routes from here is quite emotional. Later in our seminar, we will visit Goree Island, which is one of the places slaves were held and then loaded onto ships headed for the Americas and the Indies.
Our guide, Laay (sp.?) discusses the city and geographic points of interest with Teresa and Richard. I believe the airport is visible in the background of this photo.

Don't miss the video url address in the previous post!
The sights seen during our bus tour on July 5th include today's post and, perhaps, future posts. We saw many interesting sites.

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